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Poster: qq1122qq Date: Oct 15, 2005 5:46am
Forum: millionbooks Subject: Is this project still going?

I notice that nothing new has been added to this collection for a very long time. Is it still going? I've noticed a trend in digitisation projects -- they tend to start very strongly, then peter out after a year or two. It would be a pity if that's happened in this case.

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Poster: simon c Date: Oct 15, 2005 8:18am
Forum: millionbooks Subject: Re: Is this project still going?

Not sure if it's still going officially - my (unofficial!) impression is that as far as the Internet Archive goes, the book digitization efforts have recently been focusing on the Toronto collection, which, as you may have spotted, has been posting new books regularly, and has far less quality control-related issues than some of the millionbooks additions.

So I think the Archive is still very committed to book digitization, it's just shifted focus to concentrate on the Toronto-related collection source a little more.

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Poster: qq1122qq Date: Nov 5, 2005 8:55pm
Forum: millionbooks Subject: Re: Is this project still going?

Fair enough. I'm well aware of the Toronto material: we're harvesting quite a bit of it for Distributed Proofreading, although we're avoiding the government journals for the moment -- not the most exciting things in the world!